Thursday, October 18, 2007

All's Well That Ends Well

Turns out I was right and wrong yesterday. Right to think it was going to be a good day. Wrong about worrying about the potential FWB (henceforth to be known as K). Right to be cautious though. One can never be too careful.

Turns out one should always take information learned on the internet with a grain of salt. Whaaaa? It isn't always accurate? No, it isn't. K was able to prove to my satisfaction that he was who he claimed to be and not who I found on the internet. I was relieved because K is a really nice guy, very engaging in conversation, and, as I was to find out later in the evening, very talented in bed.

We met in the bar at Chili's. We each had one drink. We talked for an hour. I asked the questions I needed to ask. K answered. My intuition told me he was telling the truth. After I was comfortable that all was well, I suggested that we move to a more private location.

I followed him to his house where we spent the next couple of hours in bed. He was as much a gentleman as one can be when meeting for gratuitous sex. He asked my permission to kiss me the first time and after that exquisite kiss he told me he had been wanting to do that since I walked into the bar to meet him. We kissed. . . A lot. . . We touched each other. . . All over. . . Our mouths explored one another's bodies in the most intimate of ways. . . It was wonderful. . . It was the beginning of a very fine FWB relationship. I left his house with a smile on my face and the promise to return in the future.

All's well that ends well? How about this is just the beginning of something wonderful? Oh yes, I believe it is.


Val said...

Wow! I'm glad you are an adventuresome acct & not a PI either, ha ha! (Otherwise I wouldn't get the voyeuristic thrill of hearing about your exploits) My own life feels overscheduled, stressed-out & very sad today... Need to blog about it but NO EFFIN' TIME!!!
Off on more errands now...

Bunny said...

Yowza!! Isn't it great, that new toy feeling? Both having a new toy and being a new toy . . .

I've been chatting online with a potential new FWB. I just learned that he and his wife have an infant. Now, call me weird, but I'm considering not following through because of that. I just wonder if he's not giving her enough time to recover from becoming a mother (after a difficult pregnancy to boot) before he starts complaining about lack of sex and looks elsewhere.

Perhaps I'm overanalyzing it and shouldn't look a gift, um, horse, in the mouth. Or whatever.

Stinkypaw said...

Funny how you repeat the same patterns over, and over, and over...

Last time it was with H and S and let's not forget J... History repeating?!

Anonymous said...

Just reading it made my pants a wee bit tight. You should probably get yourself two or three more of these FWBs so that you can have sex like that several times a week.

Trueself said...

Val - Glad I can help with your yoyeuristic tendencies. ;-)

Bunny - It is a great feeling, absolutely marvelous. I can definitely understand your hesitancy about the new FWB. I would be feeling the same hesitancy. It is, after all, his choice so if not you it will probably be someone else, but then again, do you really want to contribute to it? Tough decision.

SP - I am nothing if not predictable.

SM - Down boy down! ;-)

Jaded Bunny said...

At this rate it is entirely possible that you could end up chopped into bits in some seedy hotel wrapped in a filthy cheap comfortor and stuffed in a shower stall.

Trueself said...

JB - Quite right, and if so the entertainment value of this blog would drop like a rock. However, in the grand scheme of things the loss of me to the world would be little noticed nor felt.

Jaded Bunny said...


In your side bar you say:

N - My son, my reason for living, the greatest gift God ever gave me besides His own Son

I don't see his Daddy mentioned anywhere in your cast of characters.

I am assuming W is not his biological parent?

So, where would that leave your child?

Trueself said...

JB - I am not N's biological parent either, but W and I are N's adoptive parents and have been since the day after he was born.

There are many times when I think that in the long run N just might be better off without either W or myself. W isn't much of a dad, and although I try I don't think I'm much of a mom either. So where would it leave N if I were gone? I'm pretty sure W couldn't handle it on his own so probably with his godparents, two of the finest people I know who would raise him as if he were their own if it came to that. It is something we've discussed with his godparents at length, since the possibility is always there that particularly with older parents, N might end up without us at some point before he reaches adulthood.

BTW, I do hope you know my original answer to you was somewhat tongue in cheek.

mia said...

FWB=AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you continue to enjoy K.

Jaded Bunny said...

Adoption is an amazing thing. And if you went through with such a magnificent feat, why not give this child the life he deserves?

People who go out, get knocked up and reproduce in a thoughtless manner often let the chips fall where they may and the poor kids really suffer.

For someone to go out and intentionally adopt a child has MORE than a biological responsibility to make a good life for that child.

Such a shame that you throw up your hands and give out that

....well what can I do? attitude.

Such a shame.

I figured your earlier answer was more for a clamoring of "we care" response that just a tongue in cheek, flip answer.

Trueself said...

Mia - Yes, totally awesome, and I hope so too.

JB - Ahh, the wonders of the written word when it is more difficult to interpret the intent of the writer. Yes, it was just my smartass flip way of answering, not said in any seriousness. Had you heard it when I said it you would've gotten it.