Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things That Make You Say “Hmmm. . .”

I was having some prickly feelings so I ran the potential FWB’s phone number through reverse lookup. It came up as a cell phone for a different first name (we’ve not exchanged last names) than I’ve been given in a town about an hour or so from here. I had been given the impression he was here in town. Upon Googling the name that came up on the reverse lookup I found a similar name, the first name I was originally given with the name on the phone record as the middle name. The name appeared on a list from the state of disciplinary actions taken on professional licenses. It indicated this person’s license was put on probationary status for one year due to criminal record.

Can we say “RED FLAG”?????

Approaching with EXTREME caution. Something tells me I won’t be going anywhere private with this guy. Drinks and done I’m thinking. Or maybe I’ll cancel altogether. Eww.


Anonymous said...

Definitely leaning toward cancel. Criminal record combined with not telling you his real name is very not good. You have to be safe first. So maybe in a few more conversations he can be a whole lot more honest (be very careful of charming lies though). My suggesting for meeting him, make it someplace public where you can park in place where he won't see your car (and you can return to your car without him seeing). That will make it more difficult (but not impossible unfortunately) for him to follow you back home and such. Ok, that is very cautious, but like I was saying, you have to be safe, and not telling the truth about his name is not a good thing in any book.

Val said...

Geez, what a dick!
It was obviously too good to be true, eh?

Trueself said...

SM - Good advice. As you can tell by my later post I did go ahead and meet him. I followed some of your advice though, parking where he wouldn't see me arrive. Had it turned out that I didn't feel good leaving with him my plan was to say goodbye to him outside the restaurant then as he walked away to duck back into the restaurant on the pretense of using the ladies' room to give him a chance to be gone by the time I went to my car.

SM & Val - Turns out that one with partial information and too much time on their hands can go way too far down the wrong path sleuthwise (thank goodness I'm an accountant and not a private investigator!).