Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Emotions Anyone?

At any moment of any day these days, you can find me up, down, happy, sad, angry, triumphant, blah, whatever. I just bounce around the emotional spectrum.

Sometimes I'm trying to remember that Big Girls Don't Cry:

Sometimes I'm certain that I'm going to move on and be better than ever and that it is all his loss because he (BJ or W, take your pick) is not Irreplaceable:

Then there are other times when I realize that all of my little problems are just that -- little, and I imagine what it would be like If Everyone Cared:

Right now, this minute, I'm nervous and excited and anticipating meeting the potential FWB tonight. Also I'm probably feeling a little like Beyoncé in the second video above. I am in the frame of mind where I realize that I AM all that, and that it is his loss much more than mine that things are over between us. I am so much better than begging to get him back. I am so worth it. If he can't see it then that is his problem.

It's gonna be a good day today. Oh yes it is.


The Silent Male said...

taking life, one (musical) note at a time.

Trueself said...