Friday, October 12, 2007

Dreams from the Weekend, Part Deux

A somewhat different theme than the prior dream but still based in the workplace.

I am changing jobs (okay same so far), but I am still at the old job finishing up my last couple of weeks there. I am spending time trying to get everything organized for whoever takes my place. I spend some time with the A/P clerk (in real life the A/P clerk I worked with several jobs ago) showing her what I did with the one checking account that I had always monitored.

As I am discussing my job change with coworkers I am becoming aware that there are three men in the office who are attracted to me, and all three are asking me at various times to go on dates with them. The first of the three is Dale (not his name in real life, but someone with whom I worked 25 years ago and had a crush on at that time though he wasn’t interested in me in the slightest), and he is persistently asking me to please go on a date with him. The second of the three is Drew Carey (yes, the one on TV) who is apparently my boss but now that I’m leaving he feels free to express his feelings and invites me to lunch. The third is Joe (not his name in real life, but someone with whom I worked, and whom I supervised, about five years ago) who tells me he is splitting from his wife and has always been attracted to me.

At first, I rebuff all of their advances. As time goes on though, I decide why shouldn’t I give it a try with the two who interest me (Dale and Drew) so the first thing I do is accept Drew’s offer of lunch. He can’t have lunch that particular day as he and Joe are already scheduled to have lunch that day, but he asks if I would go the next day. I say yes. Shortly thereafter, Joe’s dad arrives and calls letting Joe know that he is in town and wants to take him to lunch. Joe isn’t quite sure what to do, but Drew says go ahead and go. Drew and I then leave for lunch together. Outside the building, Joe’s dad is being obnoxiously loud and making crude jokes obviously embarrassing Joe particularly since he sees Drew and I walking out of the building.

And then the alarm went off ending my date with Drew Carey before it ever really began. I tried hitting the snooze button and recapturing the dream, but it was gone. Sigh. . . I really wanted to find out how that date went.

I’m probably the only woman in America with a huge crush on Drew Carey.


Serenity said...

Yes, yes you are. I'm sorry.

I can't believe you remember such detail in your dreams. I wake up knowing i was shopping--again-- or in a strange house walking around, but that's it. No details really, just sometimes the echo of a weird emotion. I'm impressed at your recall.

Trueself said...

Serenity - I don't always remember dreams in detail. Almost every night I dream about something, but only occasionally do I remember them in detail. The two I related here were just amazingly vivid, and I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget them because I knew they'd fade in time.