Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yesterday evening

Trueself: I don’t mean to be pushy or nosy, but I’m going to be.
W: Yes? (smiles at me)
TS: I was just wondering if you called the doctor about the little blue pills.
W: No, I haven’t. (smile turns to frown)
TS: Oh, okay. That’s fine. I just wondered. (left the room to keep from continuing the conversation and causing problems)

This morning

W: How come you got up earlier?
TS: Because you started to snore, and it was almost time to get up anyway.
W: Did the alarm go off?
TS: No but it would have about 10 minutes after I got up if I didn’t turn it off.
TS: (trying to not sound pouty but probably not succeeding) I really thought when you woke up earlier we were going to fool around this morning.
W: I was, but you got up and left me. (I read into this that it is my fault we didn’t do anything.)
TS: Well, only after you started snoring. (Back at ya’ buster.)
W: I wasn’t sleeping. (And back at you, too.)
TS: Oh, your eyes were closed, and you were snoring but not sleeping. Okay. ( I think I kept from rolling my eyes at this point, but not sure.)
W: I love you. (Yeah that makes it all better)
TS: (trying, probably not succeeding in sounding sincere) I love you, too.

Can you just feel the warmth and caring in our household?


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Yes, but quite typical.