Friday, August 11, 2006

Strange Things

W has taken to IMing me from the downstairs office while I'm on the laptop in the family room. Well at least we're communicating I guess.


When I was meeting guys from CL that I wasn't particularly attracted to I could talk to them with ease about all sorts of things related to sex. When I met H (the guy I had drinks with) yesterday, I couldn't talk about anything but became completely tongue-tied.


I feel closer to the friends I've made in cybespace than any of my "real life" friends.


A few years ago I would have been completely disgusted with a person doing the things I'm doing now in my life.


Since the initial short discussion when he first brought them home, there has been no further mention of the little blue pills.


I never feel more alone than when I'm at home with W, Even when I'm at home by myself I don't feel as alone.


BJ said...

I can relate to a lot of what you're saying here. We must live in some kind of parallel universe. :)
The one about cyberfriends, feeling alone with your spouse and doing things I would've been disgusted with a few years ago are things I can really understand. Big time.

trueself said...


Yes, yes we are. Your universe is just a little farther north than mine, but parallel, definitely parallel.

Rosie said...

Each point you listed I have also felt. My two best friends are cyberfriends; they know EVERYTHING about me. All I've been through, where I'm headed. And because of my Internet experiences I find I can carry on an interesting conversation with new people I meet. I'm more willing to take a risk, because I've learned that a risk can lead to good things.