Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Thinning the Herd

Just a quick update on the state of things.

H - emailed me yesterday, and as expected, has decided his guilt is too great to have an affair so he is now 100% gone.
J - emailed me yesterday, still wants to get together Wednesday, but wants it very clear there are no long term commitments. I emailed him back asking him not to contact me again as there is no future for us so he is now 100% gone.
S - emails traded back and forth all day, very hot teasing emails. We'll be getting together on Wednesday to get to know each other better and so I can hopefully decide whether to move forward or not. This is now my most likely affair candidate.
L - had lunch together yesterday, nice guy, very sweet, cute in his own way, very laid back, quite a contrast to S. If S weren't in the picture, I would probably jump right in with L. L is making the decision to go forward with S just slightly more difficult. They are so different, each charming in his own way, each with good and bad points regarding choosing them. I hope to make a choice by the end of the week.
W - still clueless, in spite of me reading him my horoscope yesterday indicating I was in for some good romance he showed no interest in providing any, and seemed disappointed when I was disappointed. Okay, back to focusing my sexual energies elsewhere. Why, oh why do I keep banging my head against the wall?

There is one other sort of pseudo relationship out there, but it isn't something I'm prepared to talk about. Probably because I don't really understand it yet, or if it really exists, or if it does exist what it is, or if I will even want to discuss it here if it is something or does become something. Well now, hows that for vague and noncommittal?


Pink said...

Good luck with lunch tomorrow and with choosing which guy to continue a relationship with. I hope that this adventure will be fulfilling for you.

trueself said...

Thanks, Pink. You're a sweetheart.