Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Assorted Updates

Unsent email - Following discussion with W, I decided not to send it but to hold on to it for possible use in the future in case J contacts me again.

Little blue pills - Turns out I misunderstood W. I thought the prescription was called in to the pharmacy. Actually the Dr. was mailing the prescription to W. W received several followup items from last week's appointment this week. The prescription for the pills was not among the items. W said he would call the Dr. and ask. Naturally, he has not told me whether or not he has done this or given me any other kind of update. Surely if he had the little blue pills he'd tell me, wouldn't he? Or would he?

What to do about R - W met R today for a late breakfast. She was 15 minutes late (starting to show a pattern here, I know it's petty but it is just such a pet peeve of mine). They chatted, and hit it off fine. W said he has the same concerns that I have although she did not mention to him any others with whom she is intimate like she did with me. She did make mention of her financial situation telling W about being on food stamps and likely having a cutback in her hours at her current part-time job. W's take is that he wouldn't mind being with R once and giving it a try. He and I both have the concern about STDs though. Since W and I both know we are 100% disease free it's kind of hard to start anything with somebody we're not sure of. We decided to discuss it further later when I can be more candid than when I'm on the phone at work.

And how are things between W and me - There has been no intimacy between W and me except a few short kisses since a week and a half ago as recounted in my earlier post, Weekend Update . At that time I feared that that weekend was meant by W to satisfy me for "a while," and it seems I was correct. He is very passive agressive about it though, claiming he wants to go to bed early but then not doing so claiming he just needs to finish a few more things around the house prior to bed, starting things when there is no time to follow through or when N is likely to interrupt. It more and more seems as though he is trying to earn points for wanting to but not having to actually do it. Maybe this is why I'm agreeable to a threesome, the thought that even if he loses interest I'll still have somebody there to continue with, or maybe he won't lose interest as quickly with someone new in the mix, or maybe it's just a way for me to be with other people without having to sneak around behind W's back, or maybe it's a bit of all three.


Stinkypaw said...

Next time he wants to fool around when the timing is thight, call is bluff, i.e. go for it! So what if you show up late for work, once in a while, it's ok. If he then backs up, tell him that you're seeing the game he's playing... do you think that would work?

trueself said...

Good plan. I'll try it the next time and see what happens.

freebird said...

Good decision, I think, about not sending the email. Maybe you should send it to yourself whenever you hit a weak spot and think YOU need convincing!
Maybe I shouldn't comment on the R thing, as I can't imagine being in that situation, but to me she sounds like a bomb waiting to go off.