Monday, August 07, 2006

Somebody's Gotta Be First

Well, after reading Mr. Husbland's story of his first time and his link over to Nervous Girl and her story, I decided to share the story of my first time. Not that anyone else cares, but it's my blog so I'll write what I want to.

I met Rob at a bar when I was a freshman in college. I spent much, too much, time in bars when I was in college, but meeting Rob was a pretty good thing. He was gorgeous -- very tall, wavy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, athletic build. He was completely unlike the dweeby, geeky, nerdy guys I usually dated. Why he ever had any interest in me I'll have no idea, but he did. He pursued me, we made out, a lot, in the back seat of his cousin's car on the way home from the bar. We were so busy we failed to realize that his cousin had pulled up in front of my dorm, and his cousin and my best friend practically had to pull us off of each other to get me to get out of the car and up to my room. I was drunk enough that night that I wasn't sure whether or not I had told Rob my phone number or even my name, but I hoped so. I was hoping this wasn't just a one night kiss and grab session.

Fortunately for me, Rob did have the necessary information to get in touch with me. We dated a few times. I don't remember for sure how many dates or what we did on them, but I remember one where I went to the apartment he shared with his cousin. He made dinner for me. I don't remember what we had, but I remember being impressed that he could cook.

As the school year drew to a close, I was in my dorm room studying for finals and watching the NBA playoffs. Rob called and wondered if he could come over, and we could order pizza. For some time, we'd been getting more intimate in our encounters, and he wanted us to go all the way on this night as it would be our last chance to be together before school was over for the summer. I told him to come on over. I called for pizza delivery. Then I called my best friend, who lived in the same dorm as I, and asked her to come up and have pizza with us. She was busy studying, but I asked her if she'd take a break because Rob was coming over, and he wanted to have sex, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to, and wouldn't she please come up to keep me from succombing to temptation. She finally said yes. Rob was a bit surprised and annoyed that Cheri was there when he arrived, but he has nice to her while we ate pizza. After the pizza was gone, I could tell Rob really wanted Cheri to leave. I could tell Cheri was trying to stay until Rob left to "protect" me. I had finally decided that tonight was the night so I told Cheri it was okay for her to leave. She asked a couple of times if I was sure, and I said yes. So Cheri left, and Rob stayed.

Soon we were on my bed kissing, fully clothed. We fumbled around some as we took each other's shirts off. Soon the rest of our clothes were off. Rob was kissing me all over. I remember feeling embarassed because Rob was the first guy to see me completely naked. I refused to look any lower than his upper chest, afraid I might see more than I wanted to. He tried to get me to stroke his cock, but I was shy about touching him there. I touched him just a little, but not much. Mostly I just laid there and let him do things to me. Soon he climbed on top of me, and he slid inside me easily because he had me awfully worked up and awfully wet. He didn't last long before he came. My thoughts were, that's it? That's what all the fuss is about? Huh. Okay. Whatever.

Soon Rob got up, got dressed and left. After he left I cried. Why? Because it all seemed like such a let down. I saved myself for this? Why? What on earth did people see in this? I just didn't get it. It was a few years and boyfriends later before I understood what all the fuss was about.

I never saw Rob again. He returned home for the summer, never even exchanging home addresses or phone numbers with me. I went home briefly and returned for summer school. Rob never tried to contact me over the summer. When Rob returned for fall semester, he came over to my dorm and called me from the lobby. I talked to him briefly on the phone, explained that my boyfriend (a guy I met at summer school) was there with me so I couldn't talk. Rob said he understood. I never heard from him again.


Mr. Husbland said...

I'm thinking this is a typical experience for women. It's kinda sad!

At least you are smart to the fuss now though, hehe.

FTN said...

Wow, that is sad. I think Mr Husbland might be right. I bet a number of women have the same kind of bad first experiences. They just aren't always the things you read about on blogs, but yours is an honest account.

It's good that it gets better!

Jaws said...

Sounds just about the same as my first expierance. Fast forward 3 years later to the man that taught me everything I know!!
Married that one too! I think the student has surpassed the teacher now however.

Great blog. : )

Nervous Girl said...

Hey, glad you shared your story and thank you for visiting and reading mine too! Even though I was pretty determined to "get it over with" I can understand the feeling of disappointment and "that's it?" I too am so glad that the sex and relationships got better over time!

trueself said...

Mr. H & FTN,
Interesting that you found it sad. I look back on it and laugh. . .now. I don't even think I found it particularly sad even then, just kind of disappointing. Kind of like when someone tells how delicious some food is, and you try it and think eh, it's okay. I had expected mind-blowingly spectacular (too many movies and romance novels I guess) and got just typical young man mediocre. Thing is I didn't realize it was mediocre. I thought that was all there was. Thank goodness I learned differently later.

Thanks, but great is probably a bit more than it deserves.

You're welcome, and thanks for stopping by to read mine.

Passionate Man said...

Is the first time ever good or even remarkable? Better to get it done and get some experience. Even better to be with someone who can teach and do a good job. But poor them for dealing with a clumsy virgin. I know I didn't like dealing with virginity from either side of the situation.

BJ said...

Yeah people place way too much emphasis on virginity. I was as guilty of that as anyone. It's a let down for a lot of people. But everyone's gotta have some kind of starting point. Then we move on and learn something from each person we're with.