Thursday, August 17, 2006

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Where do people who cheat do it? That's what H and I are trying to figure out. Logistics is going to be a huge issue for us.
Hotel - Pros are privacy and comfort, Cons are expense and the trail left behind even if paying cash because they require you to show an ID

Car - Pros are no added expense, Cons are difficulty finding a secluded enough place to park relatively close to work, not the most comfy place (particularly for a 6'3" guy), not the most private place either with windows all 'round

Office - Pros are convenience and no added cost, Cons are risk of being caught (which in my mind trumps all the rest) and not real comfy

Home - Wouldn't even consider it unless spouse and kids gone far away for a long time (as in days, not hours) (yeah, changed my mind from a couple of months ago when I thought I could risk it when family was out of the house for a couple of hours)

Local Park - Pros are fresh air and probably can find an isolated spot under the trees somewhere, Cons are poison ivy (I'm sooooooo susceptible), bugs, risk of being caught

Where else? Somebody out there reading this must have some ideas. I know that there are at least a few readers that are less than 100% faithful. Where do you go? And how do you make time for it? And how do you not get caught?

Enquiring minds want to know. . .


Jaws said...

oh geez

BJ said...

I have a preference to hotels with the privacy and comfort. The costs can be split between the both of you. Keeping things under wraps means not doing unusual things in the course of your week. Go through your normal routine. Making time can be a problem with a lot of people. Just negotiate a good time acceptable to you both.

Digger Jones said...

One guy I used to read (long gone, now) had a camper on his pickup that seemed to work well. He even had a romp or two in the parking garage of his work.

Yeah, explaining the poison ivy to a partner could be a problem.


Anonymous said...

I've struggled with that one also at times... I've done the hotel thing a couple times and it's nice. Holed up in a dark, quiet room with a lovely thing and not a care in the world... It's ideal.
Now I have the luxury of just going to her house when the coast is clear (he's a truck driver and gone for a couple days at a time)...
I've also used a friends house during working hours while no one was home. I guess you just have to get creative, but I do sincerely wish you luck!