Thursday, August 10, 2006

Maybe Found "Him"

Limo Guy turned out not to be the one. He and I talked for quite a while on the phone yesterday. Nice guy, but with a bit more of a wild streak than I think I care for.

Spent the day emailing sporadically back and forth with the guy who's 26. It was fun, and if I hadn't found "Him" later in the day I might have considered meeting him next week. As it is I let him know that it's a "no go."

After work today I went out for a drink with someone I hadn't mentioned before here. To tell the truth I'd forgotten about him, but he emailed me yesterday to check in and see if we could meet. Not sure what made me say yes, but I did. So we met at a bar after work. I arrived first and positioned myself so that I could keep my eye on the door. He had told me what he would be wearing so I recognized him as soon as he walked in. OMG, he is gorgeous, 6'3", 215 lbs, short brown hair, neatly trimmed mustache, well dressed, well mannered, 2 years older than I. Way out of my league I thought, and figured there was no way he was going to be interested in me. It was so clear that we were both really nervous. We talked. He had two beers. I had one diet Coke (hey, I'm trying not to be completely stupid here, ya' know, even though I really wanted some Jack Daniels in that diet Coke). There was definitely chemistry between the two of us. We walked outside, and he walked me to my car (oh, I know, I wasn't supposed to let him do that, but I'm not completely smart either). We talked as clumsily as two teenagers on a first date. He stammered. I giggled. It was pretty pathetic. Finally, he leaned in and kissed me, and gave me a hug. It was a wonderful kiss, and I swear, if he'd wanted to I'd just about done him right then and there. (Well, maybe not right there in the parking lot, but maybe in the back seat of the car.) We agreed to get together again and talk some more. He wants some time to decide if he can really go through with this as it would be the first time he has been unfaithful to his wife of more than 20 years. This seems too good to be true so I'm sure he's going to decide not to go through with it. But if he decides he wants this, then he is almost surely the one.

Now, I have one more guy that I'm going to meet. He and I have been emailing back and forth for several days and will set up a meeting when I call him tomorrow morning. Our emails have been interesting. I thought he was trying to shy away from a face-to-face meeting (mentioned in my earlier post), and I told him so and that I was done. He then emailed me twice to talk me back into a dialogue. Now he has me convinced that it was all a misunderstanding and he and I have been exchanging very funny and sarcastic emails back and forth. If he's as good in person as in his emails, then he will give today's guy some competition. But I know me, and I know that I am not blessed with that kind of luck.

No, the way my luck goes, I'll meet tomorrow's guy who will be an obvious psycho killer, or just a total loser, or something just as bad. Then today's guy will tell me he has decided he can't go through with it. Yep, that is the way my luck goes.

Oh, and still no response from J. I almost emailed him again asking for a response but decided against it.

And W? Yeah, he's still sitting 6 feet from me, watching TV, oblivious to his traitorous wife writing about my escapades on my secret blog, oblivious to the fact that month end close isn't really the nightmare that's causing me to "work late" day after day.

And those little blue pills? Still waiting for a "special occasion."


BJ said...

Psycho killer? Not here anyway. Would axe-murderer be ok? ;-)

BJ said...

Actually it's a chainsaw. In reality though a woman's safer with me than with any clergy member although this day and age that's not saying a whole helluva lot. Protestant or Catholic.