Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Partner in Crime

Well, I've found myself a partner in crime, another woman in similar circumstances who is willing to partner with me to help keep us both safer. We are going to share information with each other when we meet with our men, and if desired, call on our cell phones during the meetings to ensure things are going okay. Somehow, I feel a whole lot better knowing that somebody out there is going to know where I am when I'm out and about.

Don't worry, partner, your secrets are safe with me. Anything you share with me will never be shared in this blog unless it has to do with you somehow heroicly saving me from some psycho serial killer. Then I shall shout kudos to you with wild abandon.


Emily said...

Well, that's another one of my worries, at least, addressed a bit.

Am I deeply neurotic, with my visions of axe murderers?

I guess my fundamental feeling is that you should either (1) Accept what your own thoughts and beliefs seem to be telling you, that this whole thing is a bad idea and should be dropped, or (2) Confer with a more experienced adulterer to gain the benefit of their experience about keeping the secret! Someone who can't tell on you because they don't know who you are. The Internet can be good in that respect.

Now, I feel a bit bad because I guess people are going to interpret this second point as approving. But, you know, I don't think I have that much power. My opinions really aren't your problem or likely to have any real impact. People don't cheat or not because of something a person they have never met says to them.

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but you just seem like an intelligent woman smart enough to think through how to protect herself, but whose information is not necessarily adequate because her sexual experience is relatively limited.

And a little bit impulsive. A little bit vulnerable. A little bit too trusting. Qualities that are personally appealing and make you a nice person, but not necessarily advantages in the particular game you want to play. I find I am having difficulty believing that you are not going to get caught.

The stakes seem very high to me, and I've just got a bad feeling about how the chips are going to fall.

Emily said...

ps If you are really going to do this, and I can see that you probably are, I hope you will take every precaution for your safety and secrecy that you think is necessary, and then double or triple it. Take every precaution you think is paranoid and ludicrous and then take even more.

I doubt there has ever been a cheater who thought they would get caught. And yet cheaters get caught all the time!

trueself said...

Okay, I actually laughed out loud when I read that your interpretation is that my sexual experience is rather limited. While I certainly haven't had tons of sexual experience, I think I've had more than enough for it not to be classified as "limited." Be that as it may, it doesn't change in any way your points.
Believe me, I'm not ignoring you. I hear you, loud and clear. H is as concerned about discretion as I am. We are going to be very careful as we proceed with this. And I've gotten some help at www.alibinetwork.com. So I'm not going into this without taking some precautions with regard to safety and discretion.
Truth be told, writing about it in this blog has been a pretty good outlet for me to talk about all this without having to talk to anyone I know about it. Hence another precaution: nobody I personally know in my "real world" is aware of any of this.

Emily said...

Okay, obviously got that wrong. I guess its always up to the blogger to decide what they think of comments, anyway. Just one final thing: don't just take "some" precautions, please take every possible precaution. I would be so very sorry to hear that something bad had happened.