Sunday, September 02, 2007

How People Find Me

Here are some recent searches that have led people to my little corner of the blogosphere. Hmm, there must be some awfully disappointed people out there. Interestingly enough, I seem to pop up a lot when passive aggressive is included in the search. Also, for mint chocolate chip ice cream. Go figure.

"food diabetics should avoid"
Admittedly, I am very sweet but diabetics need not avoid me. I promise.

"counseling for passive aggressiveness"
While I probably could use this I highly doubt anyone would find it here in my blog.

"deepest darkest corner of the world"
Do you think the person with this search was satisfied with what they found here? Me either.

"its over between us don't hurt meanymore poems"
Umm, don't think so. Not here. Sorry.

"neat and tidy blowjob"
Gee, I don't know. I've never had anyone describe one of mine that way. BJ? Care to weigh in here?

"darkest thoughts"
"the darkest thought"

Finally! A couple of people looking for what I got here.

"'tried' sybian -jenna -carmen -howard"
Umm, no. And I can't help wondering why they put tried in quotations.

"midwest 'passive aggressive'"
Guilty as charged

"adultery and passive aggressive"
Oops, guilty again

"clean out ferrel"
What exactly was this person looking for? Did they find it here? Doubt it.

"mint chocolate chip ice cream horoscope"
They wanted a horoscope for their ice cream? Whatever. . .

"meaning of trueself"
Gosh, if they found that somewhere I wish they'd let me know.

"darkest house blogspot"
As in what? A house without lights? I don't get it. Also, I don't think I had whatever it was they were looking for.

"a nice thought about friendship"
Nice thoughts? Here? LOL Yeah right.

"passive aggressive husband"
Now THAT I got!

"flirting with istjs"
Flirting? We got no flirting here! Right Al?

"passive aggressive fostering chaos"
Well, I do what I can.

"deepest darkest fantasies"
Okay, this one is pretty much right on target although I'll admit there may be a deep dark fantasy or two that I haven't revealed here. And no I don't intend to.

"why do passive aggressive men distance in relationships"
I don't know, and don't think you'll find the answers here.

"deep thought metaphors"
Actually, my metaphors are generally pretty shallow.

"hot wet middle aged woman"
Okay, I really like that I would come up on this search. I'm grinning ear to ear.

"description of my horoscope"
Nope, sorry, I'm pretty sure the person looking for this came up empty here.

"andy's mint chocolate chip ice cream"
Well, I had some but didn't bring any for Andy. Sorry Andy.

"cough and pee "
Glad to know that one quick mention of this during my recent cold could put me into the search results here.

"darkest person in the world"
Skintone, not a chance. Attitude, could be.

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