Monday, September 03, 2007

Admitting a Problem


Okay, maybe it's not a drinking problem. Maybe it is more of a personality problem. On Saturday night, I went to a party. It was a small party, just a few women. We were all drinking, some of us more heavily than others. For me, I drank a whole lot -- two and a half glasses of wine and a small taste of champagne punch. Now I know that's not an excessive amount in the course of a six hour party, and way less than most. The point of all this? I felt out of place (as usual). Everyone else relaxes, has fun, enjoys themselves. About the time I think I'm having a great time, something happens to make me realize that I am a fish out of water.

We were playing a game, I don't remember the name of it, where one person reads a question from a card, the others write their responses. One person reads all the responses and the person who read the question guesses who gave each answer. While everybody else was coming up with funny, sexy, even obscene answers to questions I gave answers like "Math" to "If you could teach anything at all, what would it be?" and "Groceries" to "Once you retire what will you use your retirement savings to buy?"

I, Trueself, am a true dork. Anybody know when and where the closest Dorks Anonymous meeting is held?

Okay, well maybe I'm not a total dork. I did kiss two women at the party and retrieved a playing card from the bra of one of them. A total dork wouldn't have done that I suppose.


oldbear said...

Hi TS, dont be so hard on yourself.

Smart chciks and yes dorks can be very sexy.

My lovely wife is so dorky she was told at a meeting of astronomy fans she could not answer any more of the presenter's questions cuz she "knew too much".

And she is wayyyyyy off the charts HOT>

Then there is he skinny little gal with the glasses at he local bookstore. Total JC nerdette, but something about that makes her so hot that to quote one of my homboys "she is muy do-able jefe"

Be nerd, be proud, get your freak on babe!

D said...

TS - You have surpressed the child in you for so long now (partly because you have always had to be the adult around your husband) that you have forgotten just how to let go and have fun. I suggest one of those weekend /weeks away where you go into the wilderness and try and find your inner self. May sound like tosh but I think you would be surprised to find just how wonderful you actually are. You just need to reintroduce yourself to that person/child within you. Usual waiver clause applies all views here are my own and the user may be harmed by following any advice given. Take with care. Dx

FTN said...

Loaded Questions. My favorite party game ever.

Strangely enough, I generally end up giving sexual answers to the questions at some point, like your friends did. Even when I'm playing it with my in-laws, which is kind of awkward.

But I'm rather curious about this "retrieving a playing card from a bra" thing...

Trueself said...

OB - Thanks for the support and the reminder that we dorks can be hot too.

D - I think I was born grown up. I can remember as a kid thinking how childish everyone my age seemed. I need to find that inner child somewhere and let her out.

FTN - Loaded Questions, yes that's it. Eww, yes, awkward giving sexual answers in front of the inlaws. As you can tell I don't even do that with friends.

What's to be curious about? She stuck a playing card in each of her bra cups and dared us to go fishing for them. What can I say? Who can refuse a dare that includes getting to grab a boob?