Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Bright Spots

  • I finally registered to vote and got my drivers license in LNJ, only 11 months after moving here.

  • K and I spent a couple of hours together a couple of evenings ago. That man does have some mighty fine technique. Yes indeed. I must say my abs and thighs are still sore from the (ahem) aerobic exercise we got.

  • The Christmas tree has been dismantled and stowed away for next year leaving room to actually walk through the living room.

  • I weighed in yesterday and weigh 324.5 pounds. I have lost a pound and a half since November 16. Not bad considering I wasn’t trying to lose, and the holidays were right in that time frame.

  • I'm brave enough to announce my actual weight on my anonymous blog.

  • The sun is shining today.

  • I am starting to make plans to attend a weeklong retreat in the late spring. . . in California. . . by the bay. . . with someone special. . .

  • K has participated in the past in the weight loss program that I am going to start soon. He has nothing but praise for it.

See? Life ain’t all bad.


BJ said...

Nice technique huh? Tell me more. ;-)

Serenity said...

Well i beleive i said much the same thing, about life being good.. we're just a pair of Pollyanna's aren't we? :)It's good to recognize when we are happy....

Bunny said...

So good to see a happy post! Life can be pretty darn good

Want to come help take my tree down finally? (Today, I swear, I am taking it down today.)

Trueself said...

BJ - Drop by and I'll show you. ;-)

Serenity - Happy is definitely good. Fleeting sometimes though.

Bunny - It was good to write a happy post. Hope you got the tree down without me.