Tuesday, January 29, 2008

One Year Ago

One year ago this week I was finishing my last week at my old job, and getting ready to move into a new chapter of my life. One year ago next week I was making my move from LOH to my little rental here in LNJ, and spending a few days with BJ in my new place. I’ll never forget those few days together, how comfortable it felt to be with BJ, how much I enjoyed showing him around LNJ in spite of it being quite cold when we went for a little walking tour one day that he was here. Am I making myself more miserable by thinking back on those times? Maybe. But they were good times. I cherished them then, and I cherish them still. It was a relationship that bridged the gap, kept me going when I was in need of something to keep me going. Now I feel a little more ready to keep going all by myself, kind of like taking the training wheels off the bike. Now maybe I can stand on my own without requiring somewhere to lean.

It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since I left the old job. Time has flown. The two years before that at the old job crawled. Seldom did a day go by after the first couple of months that I didn’t long for it to be quitting time each day, to be Friday and the end of the week, or to be the last day before a holiday or vacation. Lordy, those were two mighty long years. This past year has simply flown by. There has been so much to do in this job that is interesting and engaging. The people here seem to “get” me unlike those at the last job. I truly feel that I’ve come home here.

Damn, this post sounds almost optimistic and upbeat here. How on earth did that happen?

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