Saturday, January 26, 2008

Welcome Diversion

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That's some damned good advice there little kitteh.

Last night I went to the first event of the bi group that I've attended in a long time. I had been isolating myself because too often I was using doing things with them as a cover for things like going to visit BJ a few months ago, or going to meet K, or whatever. Last night it was time for some fun, some distraction from the pain of two simultaneous breakups, doing something with some real life friends instead of living in cyberspace, which is about all I do except for hooking up with K.

It was good that I am on medication related to my recent accident that prevent me from drinking alcohol. I fear that I would have made quite the fool of myself last night had I become inebriated. As it was I just had a smashing good time without turning into a maudlin drunk.

We went to dinner together, eight crazy women, each with our own complications in life, and for one night we were just eight crazy women enjoying ourselves. Dinner was excellent. The location chosen was one that I would probably not have known about had others in the group not suggested it. It was a very small, very crowded little place offering live music (wonderful BTW) and a very varied menu. The grilled portobello sandwich I ordered was delicious.

After dinner what better mischief for eight bi women than heading off to the local "gentleman's club." Yes, we went and watched strippers, most too skinny to truly enjoy too much. Ah, but there was one, Diamond, who was beautiful. She had the most gorgeous caramel skin, curves where all women should have them, and a sparkling personality. She was the one most in our group drooled over. She was the one that gave me a lap dance, a very arousing experience I must say as she buried my face in her bare chest and then put her bare snatch in front of my face and rubbed it against me (although patrons can't touch the girls the girls can, and do, touch the patrons). Oh my. I'd have taken her home with me if I could've (and who knows, maybe for a price I could've, I didn't ask).

Yes, this was just the diversion this heartbroken lady needed. I shed no tears the entire evening, the longest I've been tear free since receiving the Dear Jane email, and have only had a few weepy moments today though that is probably due more to being exhausted from not getting home until 3:30 this morning than to anything else.

The hurt is still there. The heartbreak has not yet healed, and won't for some time. Yet just as I titled yesterday's post life goes on.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how allowing a complete (yet attractive) stranger rub against you erotically can take pains off your mind.

Trueself said...

SM - You can say that again.