Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prolific if not Profound

Can a person be addicted to writing? It seems to me that maybe I am in a way. Particularly now that I’m trying to get back on the healthy eating wagon I look for alternative pursuits when the urge strikes to hit the pantry or vending machine or drive thru.

Instead of heading for the food I head for the computer. I sit down. I lovingly open Word. Word and I are such good friends these days. I’ve never had much use for Word, as an accountant and all, but these days Word and I are getting to be good buddies. Word and I, we have this “thing” going on.

I’ve never been the artsy fartsy type (well not the first one anyway) so I’m not one to take to the sketch pad or the canvas in order to “express myself.” I do play the piano a lot when I’m frustrated. It helps calm me usually. Unfortunately, a lot of what I usually play is Dan Fogelberg stuff, and since his death last month playing his stuff makes me cry. Since I cry enough without extra crying ruining the finish on my baby grand I haven’t been playing the piano much lately. Anyway, my point here, and I do have one, is that I have little to no creative energies except those that I pour into the written word. I write, therefore I am.

Now if I could just channel this writing into the book I started to write a while back it could actually go to some good use. Right now, though, even that just brings up thoughts of BJ. He was the one that encouraged me to write the book, convincing me that I had enough knowledge and wisdom about the topic to give it a go. I even have an old high school friend who is an author and who I am sure could teach me something about how one becomes published. Yes, if I could just focus on the topic at hand rather than my god-awful relationship woes, I could write that book in no time. Unfortunately, the words that come from brain to fingertips are about my crappy life, and not about my topic of expertise. My topic of expertise, by the way, has nothing to do with romantic relationships. I have no expertise there, obviously, as evidenced repeatedly in this blog. No my expertise is another area more related to business than personal lives.

Ah well, for now my blog groans from the weight of the words that burst forth from me. January is 31 days long, and as of today, the last day of the month, I’ve published 43 posts during the month. Guess I’ll make that Blog 365 goal easily at this rate.

Well, and just for good measure I thought I'd play a little Fogelberg today:

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