Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't Back Down

In spite of my best intentions to cut back the number of posts per day I just can't seem to do so yet. I'm sure that months or years from now when I come back and reread these it will be scary bizarre freakishly sad interesting to look back on the weird and the wacky aspects of my life at this time.

The reason for this post though is this -- divorcing W. I spoke with the counselor tonight. She and I talked it through, and she helped me develop a course of action for talking to W and not backing down. Now all I have to do is find someone to keep N this weekend, and I'm all set to have the Big Don't Back Down Boot His Ass Talk. I suggested and the counselor agreed that it would be best if N was out of the house for long enough that we would not only have time for the talk, but time for W to chill out a bit and hopefully be willing to deal with this situation rationally. Surprisingly, I cried not one tear as we discussed how to present it, how to stand firm through the questioning, the begging and the threats. Maybe I'm just all cried out for the moment. Now that I think about it I do believe that I only cried once all day today. Not bad for a low day.

So. . . anybody want a nine-year-old boy for the weekend? He doesn't eat much, and if you sit him down in front of the video games he'll leave you alone for hours. Think of it as your charitable donation of time for the month.

And here's a little tune somebody suggested I listen to today. I liked it so much I thought I would share it here:


C-Marie said...

Send him on over! We'll make some milkshakes and play a round or 2 of GH3! :)

Good luck.

Val said...

Yep, Z just got Need for Speed Underground, it's a pretty cool game even by uncool mom standards...
(I'm so uncool I don't know what GH3 is??)

Trueself said...

C-Marie - He would love that, particularly if the milkshakes are chocolate.

Val - Guitar Hero 3. You are indeed uncool not to know that. ;-)

Drama said...

Isn't that the best song?? I LOVE Kelly and especially that song.


Trueself said...

Drama - Yes, I love that song. It is absolutely great.